Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rhett's new pasturemates

We weren't quite sure what we were going to do with Rhett after he lost TJ. It was decided that he would share a paddock with Penny's ponies who are also on 24/7 turnout. I knew that it would be hard to replace TJ and, at first it was a bit of a tough go for him with the Ponies. But with time they seem to be getting along pretty well now and they share the shelter nicely too. Rhett is such an easy going guy that he made friends with the ponies, especially doodlebug.
This is Rhett and Doodlebug, they have become fast friends. In fact we recently had an incident where Rhett slipped on some ice and got himself caught up in the fencing. The horrible thing was that his back feet were caught/wedged between the gate and the gate post and in order to free him we had to remove the gate. This took time as we had to wait for the guys to show up and help. Rhett was amazing, putting all his trust in us and laying fairly quietly the whole time. Had he struggled, he could have broken both back legs! At one point I was with Rhett (I never left his side) and Penny was looking for a wrench to remove the gate. Little Doodlebug came over to his friend an was nibbling his cheek/neck. At first I tried to tell him to go away but then realized that he was trying to comfort his friend and let him know he was there and it would be ok. It was so sweet. I'm also happy to say that Rhett was freed and had absolutely no injury other then a very small cut to his back leg. We were very lucky, his temperament and trust saved his life!

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