Friday, May 2, 2008

Something's up

I arrived at the barn to find TJ and Rhett inside having their breakfast. Richard told me that Penny wanted to turn them loose in the big paddock that morning. He told her to wait until I arrived as this was going to be a major photo opportunity! We were not disappointed!

First Day in the Big Paddock

When the boys were turned loose in the paddock, Rhett took off running! He was having a blast. We enjoyed the show too!
His movement is beautiful, poetry in motion. I had to pinch myself a couple times as I couldn't believe that beautiful horse was mine!
Rhett is really enjoying his new field, the space to run and being able to frolick. TJ is even getting in on the fun and going for a romp as well.

First Day in the Big Paddock

Rhett was really enjoying playing and running! A couple times he decided to tease us by running up to us. What a feeling to have such a magnificant animal come running up to you like that. It was such a joy to watch.

First Day in the Big Paddock

First Day in the Big Paddock

First Day in the Big Paddock

First Day in the Big Paddock

First Day in the Big Paddock

First Day in the Big Paddock!

He's such a handsome boy, sometimes I find it hard to believe he's mine!
Here is TJ, Rhett's buddy!
A thoughtful moment...

Rhett's best buddy TJ

Rhett and TJ have been best of buddies since I first put them together. TJ keeps Rhett in line and also teaches him lots of good stuff. TJ is an older guy, I'm guessing in his late 20's. He's a real sweetie! Hey, got anymore of those treats!

In the Arena...

Rhett and I had been working on an "aversion" he has of one end of the arena we ride in. Penny suggested turning them out in the arena for a few days so he could get used to it. I worked with him in there. He was allowed some yummy treats but he had to eat them beside the dreaded creaky door!
TJ doesn't know what all the fuss is!
He felt relaxed enough to have a good roll!

Enjoying some early spring warmth

Talk about totally relaxed or what! I think its safe to say that Rhett feels happy and content in his new home!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another Ride...

Getting ready to bring Rhett in for another ride...
On our way into the barn.
I always start my time with Rhett giving him a nice grooming, checking him over and getting him saddled up and ready to go. Then we do some "ground work" or what I refer to as "ground play" Rhett seems to be a bit nervous of one end of the arena so that is what we are concentrating on right now. He needs to learn that nothing is going to hurt him there. He's really doing well and I'm very pleased with his progress. He's a very smart boy!
Our rides are being kept very simple right now. Walking and working on our turning and getting the jitters out of Rhett in certain areas of the arena. He's doing great and is really getting used to having me on his back. I just know that we are going to enjoy many wonderful trail rides together!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rhett's daughter Raine

This is Rhett's beautiful daughter Raine, she's part Hackney, she is going to be a lovely girl.

Rhett - March 15 2008

We had a much more successful session today. As always we concentrate on lot's of loving...
some groundwork...
and some riding, just a walk for now and just for a short time. I wanted it to be a positive experience (for both of us) and a chance for him to get used to me as well.
We do have a long way to go, but lot's of time to get there. Rhett needs to get used to the feel of someone on his back, but I also want to take things slowly since he is only three years old. The best thing to do is take your time and never rush anything. We will never stop learning together but we will continue to develop a very strong and lasting relationship of trust, love and cooperation!
My goofball, getting up close and personal with the camera. I honestly cannot believe that I lasted 7 years without a horse. If I go longer than a day without seeing Rhett I miss him soooo much!

Rhett - March 15 2008

It was a beautiful day today, especially for taking pictures!
Isn't he handsome???

Monday, March 3, 2008

Rhett Relaxing

Penny told me that Rhett loves to lie down. We have caught him a couple times when we drive by, but today I had my camera. I just had to stop and get his picture.
He recognizes my van now as well (I was pulled over at the side of the road) as soon as I stopped he perked up and was probably wondering what the heck I was doing! He's going to be a hard boy to keep clean though, man was he dirty when we brought him in...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our First Parelli Session

Rhett really is amazing me at how well he's picking up the Parelli. We both really enjoy doing it together.
I can feel that this will really help with our bonding. He tries so hard and seems pleased when he does what you are asking. He responds to very light touch and seems to pick things up very easily. I'm really enjoying working with him on the ground...

Above I am preparing Rhett for our first ride. Unfortunately it was a short one! I got on, he rolled! I didn't even manage to get a picture sitting on him first. Saddle is fine, I'm a bit sore but none the worse for wear. I really think that I'm doing things backwards though, I have the rolling rodeo horse when I'm 40 and I had the sensible do anything with horse when I was 17! I'm getting too old for this stuff! In all seriousness, I've already pondered this situation for a long time as its dangerous to have a horse who rolls with someone on his back! I'm very confident that our next ride will be much more successful.
My friend Heather brought her daughter Rachel by to meet Rhett. As I have said before he LOVES children and I think this picture says it all!

Even though he rolled on me, I still think he's a keeper :-)

Parelli with Paul

I had a very pleasant suprise on Family Day when I got a phone call from our friends Paul & Tina in Collingwood. They offered to pop down that afternoon and show me some basic Parelli training so that I could work on it with Rhett. Parelli is a training method that is a very natural way of working with your horse. You spend time playing games and doing fun things together. We spent a couple hours in the arena and both Rhett and I learned soooo much!

Paul is showing Rhett some of the starting points of Parelli, things that we can work on and then advance to doing these things off lead or "at liberty". Rhett did quite well and seemed to really enjoy using his mind as well as his body. Thanks Paul for taking the time to teach an old dog (me) some new tricks!